Explore our kitchen…

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If you are a foodie and you love genuine and traditional cuisine this is the place for you: we produce bread, focaccia, cold cuts, pasta (tagliatelle, ravioli and gnocchi) and fresh cheese; the meat and eggs comes almost all from our farms and the fruits and vegetables that we can’t cultivate in our garden is at km 0.

The friendly staff will make you feel like family and you will enjoy the typical dishes of this region, as the famous gnocchi al Castelmagno, and from Piedmont in general.

It is our policy to serve products as natural as possible, so as far as drinks we offer only water of our sources,  wine from the Langhe and from Oltrepò Pavese and only recently we decided to add sparkling water for those who just can’t do without. Also some of our liqueur are from our production.

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Enjoy your meal!